Towards standardisation: register for SALEMA CEN workshop kick-off


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On 29 February 2024, the EU-funded SALEMA project in conjunction with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) will hold the online kick-off meeting for a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) process. The objective is to develop a CWA on the evaluation of aluminium flowability using multiple strip test moulds to assess high-pressure die castability. All interested parties are invited to submit a registration form and comments on the draft CWA Project Plan by 9 February 2024.

A CEN Workshop Agreement is one kind of standardisation deliverable that can be agreed in the community of CEN or CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) members or technical bodies. The creation and approval of a CWA by this community is an important step for the scale-up, innovation, and results exploitation activities of any project.

Following the procedures of CEN-CENELEC, the 29 February kick-off meeting will be followed by further meetings to refine the draft CWA. The full sequence of events is as follows:

  • 29 February 2024: Kick-off workshop (10:30–13:00 CET) 
  • 25 March: First meeting (10:00–13:00 CET) 
  • 11 April: Second meeting:  (10:00-13:00 CEST)

The final deliverable is expected to be finalised in April 2024.

How to participate

  1. Download the documents listed above and read the draft project plan.
  2. Submit your completed registration and commenting forms by 9 February 2024.
  3. SEND TO: Workshop Secretary, Miss Isabel Linares:

Follow further developments and get the most up-to-date versions of the documents via the CEN-CENELEC event webpage.

About the SALEMA CWA

The tentative title of the CEN Workshop Agreement to be developed is: ‘Aluminium And Its Alloys. Fluidity Evaluation Via Multi Strip Testing Moulds’.

Tentative scope:

  • Develop a testing method to evaluate the fluidity of aluminium alloys for thin wall castings in a robust and reliable way to provide useful information for subsequent use in a foundry. The adopted methodology is based on strip testing and the prime objective of this work will be focused on defining standard protocols to achieve higher repeatability for the fluidity of aluminium and its alloys.
  • Describe the experimental procedure for the proposed fluidity testing method.


SALEMA addresses the challenge of reducing dependence on critical raw materials (CRM) in the automotive and aluminium processing industries by developing high-performance aluminium concepts.

The ultimate goal is to produce tailor-made aluminium alloys with increased recycled content and significantly reduced CRM levels, designed to seamlessly integrate into existing installations and meet the growing demands of the high-value European vehicle industry.

The project involves collaboration across the entire aluminium value chain, engaging alloy producers, processing industries, car manufacturers, and car scrappers to ensure comprehensive implementation and success.

Further information

Learn more about CEN Workshop Agreements and the CEN-CENELEC communities and activities.

SALEMA’s CWA activities are organised with the support of SALEMA partner UNE.