SALEMA presents results at E-TECH Europe 2024


E-TECH EUROPE 2024 will host an event on 8 May 2024, organised by the EU-funded SALEMA project in collaboration with Metef, the organisation behind the METEF international trade fair for the aluminum supply chain. The event ‘Electric Mobility and the Aluminium supply chain: results of the European SALEMA project‘ is dedicated to electric mobility and the aluminium supply chain. It will feature several SALEMA partners as they present and discuss the results of the project, which concludes on 30 April 2024.

Why this event?

The automotive industry faces multiple challenges in achieving the goals of the European Green Deal. New, high-performance but lightweight materials are needed. Dependence on imported critical raw materials must be reduced, while creating a sustainable economy for the future. SALEMA partners see the solution in the lightweight, inexpensive and fully recyclable metal, aluminium.

SALEMA designed new aluminium alloys with a minimum content of critical raw materials (silicon and magnesium) or by integrating scrap metal recycling. The integration of scrap metal recycling is crucial to creating a sustainable circular economy and will be a reliable source of high-quality alloys in the future. As the project ends, this event is an opportunity to reflect on SALEMA’s achievements and their benefits.

In this event, SALEMA partners will present the designed and produced alloys and the innovative components that have been manufactured to the large international audience at E-TECH Europe 2024.


  • Welcome greetings
  • Introduction and moderator
    Prof. Franco Bonollo, University of Padua
  • Aluminium: a strategic resource for sustainable automotive
    Francesca Cavezza, European Aluminium
  • Manufacturing automotive components with recycled aluminium alloys: it is possible!
    Roundtable discussion with companies in the aluminium supply chain that participated in the European SALEMA project.
    Ruggero Zambelli, Raffmetal; Claudio Mus, Endurance Overseas; Giovanni Sbrega & Roberto De Michele, Profilglass
  • Aluminium in the perspective of the automotive manufacturer: a winning solution
    Conclusions and results of the SALEMA project analysed from the automotive manufacturer’s point of view.
    Jacopo Tatti, Centro Ricerche Fiat – Fiat Group Stellantis Research Centre

About E-TECH Europe

E-TECH EUROPE is the annual international trade show for advanced batteries and innovative technologies for automotive and electric vehicle production, bringing together all key players of the entire supply chain.

E-TECH EUROPE 2024 will take place at the Bologna Exhibition Centre, Italy, on 7–8 May 2024, in three exhibition halls within an area spanning over 16,000 square meters. Hundreds of companies from dozens of countries are showcasing the best of their technologies, products and services.

E-TECH EUROPE 2024 will be co-located with various other trade shows/areas: FORTRONIC 2024 (on power electronics and sensors); INTERIORS 2024 (the supply chain of automotive and transportation interiors industry); RE-BATTERY 2024 (on collecting, sorting, processing and re-using batteries and electric vehicles); ROBOTICA-AIDAM 2024 (on the latest innovations in mechatronics and robotics with applications for the automotive and electric vehicle manufacturing world); and E-CHARGE 2024 (EV charging technologies, infrastructure, services).

Further information

Read more details about the ‘Electric Mobility and the Aluminium supply chain: results of the European SALEMA project’ event on the Metef event webpage and on the E-TECH Europe 2024 event webpage.